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About Blitz Brigade Game

Blitz Brigade is actually among the outstanding multiplayer online team based mobile first person shooter(FPS) game created and published by multi million video game publisher based in Paris, Gameloft SE. It was released on the previous 9th of May 2013 and was first available on iOS devices just but later on the game was available to Android and Windows users. The game attracts a unique mixture of a tactical war fight which is actually influenced from the legendary Team Fortress two by Valve that is themed with unforgettable World War II.

The game includes a lot rough gameplay which all players are able to perform as part of either Axis or maybe Allies team. And also can easily be played up to twelve players(6 on each side). You are able to also play the game as a single player thru game training, the Mission. The teaching mission could be played thru twelve stages, and each phase is split into 9 missions. Each mission has 3 stars, and in case you hit the first star, you'll be compensated by Coins. Nevertheless, you cannot move to the next stage in case you have not achieved all those stars and every time you gets to a star the game will boost its difficulty level. Though you are able to easy unlocked and may be skipped a quest in case you are going to use Diamonds. The mission consists of thrilling challenges which are actually the Sniper Elimination Mission(my favourite of all), the machine Gun Mission, Blitz Chopper Mission, Flag Capture Mission, the Paratroopers Mission, Survival, Stealth Mission, The Thunder and jet Pack Roller Mission.

In case you're an eager participant and wish to complete each mission as simple and as fast as possible, you are able to unlock each and every stage by paying ten Diamonds, though the trouble is actually you want money that is real to have many Diamonds. Nevertheless, we managed to have plenty of diamonds and coins without shelling out a single penny making use of probably the latest working Blitz Brigade Hack.

Diamonds and coins

Coins are the main kind of in game currency, which may be used to fix or even purchase brand new weapons along with upgrading them. While Diamonds are actually the premium type of in game currency, which may purchase a variety of weaponry and unlocking high level classes. Obtaining few volumes of diamonds and coins each day is able to have by using Booster Packs, it is going to give you 2x amount of currencies in every mission and game you win.

Blitz Brigade Classes

Both Allies and Axis staff is able to utilize all of these sorts of classes, and as of today, there are actually a total of seven playable courses in the game.

1. The Soldier - one of the 2 starting courses in the game. 750 HP, and only an average moving speed was gotten by him. This particular category is actually a necessity in Domination Mode as it is able to record flag twice as quickly in some other modes. This particular class was exclusively created to go over the Gunner in the team of yours. Additionally, it has a forty % critical chance skill same as the Snipers.

2. The Gunner - is actually the other starter sessions, it's 1,000 HP but could move up to 1,200 using diamonds, and it's more slowly compared to the Soldiers. This particular category is actually made for close range battle and direct gunfire and it is going to be ineffective in long range combats and can easily be taken down by Stealths and Snipers.

3. The Medic - is actually the third class in the game, it could be unlocked at rank ten or even by using thirty diamonds to open it early. They're more quickly compared to Soldiers and can heal wounded teammates even for several ranges. They just got 600 HP.

4. The Stealth - this's the fourth category and may be unlocked at rank twenty or even by using seventy five diamonds to open it early. They just got 500 HP as default but may be boosted to 700 HP. They're probably the fastest moving device in the staff and is actually created to sneak behind enemy lines and kill folks from the back and is actually made for many ranges.

5. The Sniper - the fifth class in the game which may be unlocked at rank thirty or even by using 110 diamonds. They're faster compared to Soldiers and hs 500 HP only. This particular class is designed for long range fighting and have really weak good range.

6. The Demolisher - this's the sixth class in the game and may be unlocked at rank forty or even by using 160 diamonds. They're the second highest health amount for a class, and it's 750 HP and almost same as fast as Soldiers. This particular category is regarded as the effective class in the game that has a distinctive element in which they jump high in the air.

7. The Engineer - this's the final and last category in the game. It may be unlocked by using diamonds or perhaps by winning 700 matches. 600 HP and was gotten by them nearly identical speed as Soldiers.

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